Professional Passport Accredited umbrella company

Our Professional Passport Certification

Trust… something that is a justifiably difficult concept to embrace in the world of umbrella companies.

For years our industry has been unfairly tarnished by rogue operators peddling schemes that seek to take advantage of contractors and recruiters, the result of which has stained the reputation belonging to the very term umbrella company.

Governmental regulation of umbrella companies (though often hinted at) is yet to materialize in any meaningful way, so how does UCC intend to assure its clients, customers, employees and enquirers of its credibility and integrity?

In early 2022, I made a conscious decision that a display of compliance would be necessary to elevate UC Contractors to a market leading position. There are a few umbrella certification bodies in existence and after careful research, decided that Professional Passport was the direction to go.

I chose Professional Passport because their assessment criteria is unquestionably thorough and in-depth. It is not exclusively a payslip audit but encompasses all aspects of umbrella employment… if we were to be reviewed by an independent body then I’d want UCC to face the highest level of scrutiny possible. Therefore, Professional Passport was the obvious choice. The certification body has longevity, respect throughout the umbrella supply chain and is nationally recognized as a mark of unquestionable compliance in the world of contracting.

The decision to become certified was derived from an obvious need for concrete assurance for our partnering recruiters and our customer base. Our approved status is a seal on the promise to you that engagement with UC Contractors as an umbrella payroll provider and employer of temporary workers in the UK will always be one of integrity, honesty, transparency and accuracy. It is a demonstration of our willingness to have our practices undergo systematic analysis with reference to all aspects of legislation surrounding the UK’s temporary workers as we believe (and have now proven) that they are accurate beyond reproach.

We are proud to have taken the journey through Professional Passport certification and to have arrived at the final destination with a fully approval status from them.

Should you have any questions relating to our compliance levels or our certification status please contact me directly.