Employment through an Umbrella Company

Employment Through An Umbrella Company

For the last 20 years, the gig economy has really taken off in the UK. Especially in the last decade, the UK labour market has seen firms and individuals adopt a wider range of ways of working. Temporary work or contract work has become more popular, initially seen in the IT and project management fields; […]

Five Reasons to use an Umbrella Company

Five Reasons To Use An Umbrella Company

Below you’ll find five reasons why you should be using an umbrella company, So, you’ve taken the plunge into contracting and now you need to get your employment affairs in order. You’ll likely be applying for lots of different assignments that meet your skill set, and (if you’ve done your homework) you’ll know that the […]

Contracting and Mental Health

Contracting and Mental Health

During Covid-19, there has been increased pressures in working life, it’s not a surprise that mental health is now the number one issue for staff absences in the UK workplace. The latest figures suggest that mental health days currently account for 15.8 million days of absence each year. We all know that mental health encompasses […]