Hi fellow UC Contractor!

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Hi, I’m Mark, the Director of UC Contractors and I wanted to say welcome to the family!

If you’re reading this then you’ve just joined (or you’re seriously considering joining) the only umbrella company that you’ll ever need again!

We exist to make your life easier. We encourage you to embrace the contracting lifestyle to the fullest and we guarantee support and guidance along the way. Our job is to ensure that you’re employed with full UK rights and that you’re paid correctly and on time – and guess what… we’re good at our job!

So, sit back, relax and let me explain what we do and why we love doing it!

Reality Check #1:

Let’s be real for a second… we can easily create a 25 page PDF about what we do and how we do it, but no one (not even our proof reader) is going to read it top to toe – so, here’s the deal: We’ll give you a short intro to a few key aspects of our service and if further explanation is needed will include a link to a dedicated webpage – deal? Deal.

Who are we?

We’re a bunch of contracting enthusiasts who have loads of experience in the umbrella industry. We understand contractors and know what you want. We know that you want value for money. We know you’re fed up of shady umbrellas being dishonest or trying to sell get-rich-quick schemes. 

Plus, we know you’re realists… you see paying for umbrella payroll in the same light as paying for toilet roll – it’s not an exciting transaction, you’d rather spend your money elsewhere but it’s a necessity due to circumstance. So we’ve put it upon ourselves to provide the best, most honest customer experience possible and we’re adding value wherever we can so that we at least fall into the fluffy, 3-ply, lotion-infused, scented category rather than the tracing paper-thin, junior school cubicle category. (Trust us, some brolly customer service levels are akin to discovering there’s just empty tube at the worst possible moment!).

(Trust us, some brolly customer service levels are akin to discovering there’s just empty tube at the worst possible moment!).

We know what we need to do to keep our customers happy, and that’s stay out of the way and perform our key function; accurate, timely payroll. Don’t get us wrong, we’re here to help whenever you need us, but for the most part we’re stealth ninjas – we work silently but effectively, delivering reliable service to you without distracting you from your day-to-day.

Now is probably the best time to explain: What is an umbrella company?

Who are you!?

We speak to you as our prospective loyal customer… we know you go by many names, so let’s roll off a list of people who can benefit from our amazing services just in case you have friends who are on the lookout for a fresh brolly:

  • Contractors
  • Freelancers
  • Agency workers
  • Locum healthcare heroes
  • Supply teachers
  • Temps
  • Bank staff

Basically, anyone working temporary contracts that require employed status – we’re here for you!

Why do we do it?

Because contractors are awesome!

We wholeheartedly believe that contractors and agency workers are the unsung heroes of the UK’s workforce. They’re the uber-educated, supremely skilled, hyper flexible problem solvers that fix the most difficult conundrums in their industries. And, they’re confident & bold enough to do it as a temporary gig knowing that their accolades will soon be in demand by another organization. They’re innovators, pioneers, production juggernauts and the inspiration for our business model.

Contractors and agency workers deserve greater recognition and provision that matches their worth – that’s why we do it!

Why choose us?

Here’s a few benefits of using UC Contractors as your umbrella:

We speak truth!

Genuinely, we’re as fed up of the industry’s mirror and shadow plays as you are, we’ll be straight with you from day 1.

We’re compliant.

It’s daft that we even have to say it, in reality we shouldn’t have to say it, but here we are.

We’re cost effective!

We’ve crunched the numbers, we’re well ahead of the crowd when it comes to reasonable fees, if you catch us during one of our flash sale period you’re in for a real bargain, and it’ll be that way until we wave you off into the sunset

You’ll get full employee rights

Yep, maternity, paternity, holiday pay, sick pay, pension enrollment, etc. Everything you would expect as a permanent employee is right here!

We’re available!

(Not in that way, well Josh in accounts might be, he’s very secretive about the whole thing) What we mean is, when you call or email us you’ll reach an actual person. No robot voices, no auto-response “We’ll reply when it suits us but for now please be appeased by this sentence” – we’re here and we’re actual people! Grab a cuppa before you call because a few of us like a good natter.

We send THE best texts:

Picture the scene, it’s been a long week. A “too many meetings that should have been emails” kind of week. It’s Friday, the hours are nothing short of dragging by. Your phone pings. UC Contractors – YOU’VE BEEN PAID!! Suddenly all is right with the world again. Best. Texts. Ever.

You’ll have full scope

We’ve set up an amazing personal portal for all of our contractors, you can log in any time you like to view pay slips and other important docs to do with your employment.


Yep – you read it right. You can get our service completely free of charge… For 6 weeks... If you refer a friend and they successfully onboard with us! There are t’s and c’s of course, but that pretty much sums up the deal!

How does it work?


Ok, you probably don’t want to get bogged down with the intricacies of our behind-the-scenes operation… I mean, when you order from Amazon you probably don’t care about how long it took Keith to build the packing box, you just want the end result! So we’ve put together a brief overview  of how we work, but if you need more, just ask!

  1. We’ll get to know you. We’ll give you a PAYE quote based on your contract rates and if you like the look of it then we move to phase 2!

  2. We’ll ask you to formally apply, this is a web based form with quite a few questions and prompts to upload some important identification and right to work documents. (Find out what documents are needed here). While you work your way through the application we’ll contact your recruitment agency to strike up a contractual relationship with them.

  3. Once you’ve hit submit on your application our team will take over, we’ll review everything and will get back to you if we need more info.

  4. In a perfect world, your application will be complete and your agency will have adopted us as an umbrella partner. Now the fun starts!

  5. In some circumstances you may need to submit timesheets to us relating to your hours worked, we’ll send you a handy link to do this. In others, we’ll raise time for you… it all depends what your contract says.

  6. Either way we’ll have an accurate record of what you’re worked, it’ll all be crosschecked and signed off and we’ll invoice your agency accordingly

  7. Upon payment, those funds become the property of UC Contractors’ (don’t worry we’re not going to run off!)

  8. We’ll then deduct everything that we need to. Our margin first, then tax, NI, apprenticeship levy, pension contributions, student loan (if applicable), etc. This will all be illustrated on each pay slip you receive.

  9. We’ll then pay the net amount (minus deductions) to your chosen bank account via faster payment. (That’s when you receive THE best text ever!.. for that week).

  10. Do it all again next week!
It's that simple!

How do I Claim Expenses?

This Old Chestnut!
Reality Check #2:

If your contractual terms do not state clearly that expenses are applicable to your assignment then don’t expect to claim any. If an umbrella tells you that they can pay you expenses regardless then run for the hills – something is not right in that picture.

Anyway! We do process something called agency reimbursed expenses for those applicable. What that basically means is that if your agency has contractually agreed that you can claim expenses for mileage (for example) then providing you actually do the miles (in the right context) and the agency pays us the allocated amount to cover the expense then we’ll pass it along to you in full.

But wait!.. there are a few formalities to consider, evidence to be presented and certain parameters that we must respect when it comes to expenses, to get the full story, click here: UC Contractors: Expenses

If you’re already our contractor and you’d like to make an expense claim, you can do so right here: UCC Expenses Claim Form

The Acronyms though!

WTR, IR35, KID, SDC, AWR… WTF! “Just let us get on with our jobs!” we hear you cry! Well we would, but it’s actually pretty important that you know about these things, most of them are designed to protect you, all of them are relevant to your life as a contractor. There’s too much info to cover here, so we’re redirecting you again!

Finish that lyric…

...“We’re all going on a, Summer…”

If you answered “…of ’69 karaoke extravaganza”, you’re wrong (but we’d like an invite anyway). We’re talking HOLIDAYS, Whoohooo!

Holiday entitlement in brolly world has been hot topic of late, with some companies pocketing the hard-earned holiday pay of contractors under their wing (remember that empty toilet roll reference?). Let’s be straight, you’re entitled to it, and with UC Contractors, you’ll get it… every penny that you’re owed will reach you.

We’re not going to explain how it all works here, there’s simply too much detail to go in to, so here are a couple of links that may help you understand how we process holiday pay for you:

How does Holiday Pay work with UC Contractors?

UC Contractors Holiday Pay Policy

Our Holiday Pay Entitlement Confirmation Statement (you may have seen this in your contract already)

If you’d like to book time off – there’s a really simple form that we’d need you to complete: UCC Holiday Request Form

Other Stuff

So… we’ve answered some questions and hopefully giving you a bit of an insight as to how we work, why we do what we do and why we love contractors just like you.

There are undoubtedly other thoughts and queries flying around your head, so you can do one of two things; check out our FAQ section or just give us a call, we’d love to chat with you further and we’re always happy to answer questions.

A Very Important Note!...

We’re huge advocates of work/life balance, and the wellbeing of our internal staff is just as important to us as you are. So, our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. If you choose to contact us outside of those hours you can be assured that we’ll get back to you, but it’ll be the next business day, we appreciate your understanding and patience.