Holiday Pay Entitlement

Umbrella employees are as entitled to holiday pay as any other employee in the UK, it is their right to receive it. Your holiday pay is deducted from the funds that the umbrella receives from the recruitment agency or end client.

As your employer, we are required to calculate your holiday pay and display this clearly on your payslip. Every employee is legally entitled to 5.6 weeks’ holiday in a year for the wellbeing of each individual. Our holiday year runs from April 1st to March 31st and we will send reminders by email at least every three months, and as we near the end of the holiday year further reminders will be sent.

Holiday pay is calculated on 12.07% of the qualifying earnings, and this is identified on each payslip and your balance will be on your pay statement.

As an agency worker, we do appreciate that you may not wish for us to hold back any funds but rather include this with your salary payment. Should this be the case, please sign the agreement below:

You are under no obligation to agree to the provisions set out in this form.