Terms & Conditions

Refer a Colleague. Free Contracting – UC Contractors.

Refer a colleague or fellow contractor to our umbrella payroll services and you’ll receive 6 weeks of free umbrella payroll! Your referred party must successfully onboard with UC Contractors, and must complete the equivalent of 1 full month of billing (4 x £15 weekly fee occurrences) before your free weeks are applied to your account. Your free weeks will be reflected as a margin of £0.00 on your payslip for 6 consecutive pay cycles, the total savings to you being £90.00. 

Your referral incentive value can not be provided to you in any other form than free margin. If your contract and/or employment with UC Contractors ends before the end of your 6-week period is complete you will forfeit any residual value.

There is no limit as to how many referrals you can make to UC Contractors. Free week periods allocated will happen consecutively if necessary. 

Should you have any questions please contact info@uccontractors.com

Accountants Referral Programme – UC Contractors.

Your accountancy firm can earn up to £100 per successful referral to UC Contractors. A successful referral is deemed to be a contractor referred to us by your organisation who 1. completes their application and accepts their contract of employment, 2. Works directly with us to ensure that their agency accepts our compliance documents and agrees to partner with UC Contractors, 3. Actively uses our service within 3 weeks of completing their application. Your £100 incentive will be paid in the following way: £50 upon 4th billing cycle of the individual. Additional £50 upon completing 3 months of billing with UC Contractors.

All terms must be agreed between managerial parties in each company. You will be issued a unique landing page from which to refer, only contractors submitted via that page will result in eligibility of referral incentive.

Payment will be documented in full and will be paid via BACS to your designated bank account.

Should you have any questions please contact info@uccontractors.com