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Before we go any further, please note: If your contractual terms do not state clearly that expenses are applicable to your assignment then don’t expect to claim any. If an umbrella tells you that they can pay you expenses regardless then run for the hills – something is not right in that picture.

Anyway! We do process something called agency reimbursed expenses for those applicable to you. What that basically means is that if your agency has contractually agreed that you can claim expenses (for mileage for example) then providing you actually do the miles (in the right context) and the agency pays us the allocated amount to cover the expense then we’ll pass it along to you in full.

But wait!.. there are a few formalities to consider, evidence to be presented and certain parameters that we must respect when it comes to expenses, to get the full story, click here:
UC Contractors: Expenses

Before you start below – if you’d prefer to download this form and complete/submit at a later time please hit the button below.